Everyone can heal

Yes, even you. Through my experience working with all kinds of people, what strikes me the most is that we are all works of art. Within you is a masterpiece waiting to emerge. It may be exciting (or terrifying) to hear, but contained within you is everything you need to create the life you dream of having.

And maybe for you, that masterpiece isn't a Monet in a museum. Maybe it looks more like a 1965 Jaguar XJ13, or a perfectly-executed dance recital. Maybe it's a state fair prize-winning pie. We all have different ideas of what we wish our lives looked like, and who we'd like to be.

Somewhere, somehow, we were told not to be masterpieces, that we don't have what it takes. Maybe we were told, if your masterpiece doesn't look like a Michaelangelo, it doesn't count. Maybe life blew some dirt on us, broke our frames or covered us with a tarp. We can't see what we're capable of being. We can't believe the things we can do. We feel, well, more like a tin can.

Whatever is going on in your life, whatever challenges you've survived, you're still a masterpiece. Let's work together to see how to unveil it.


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